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Inspired by the Project 365 group, I have started my own photo education blog. The goal? Improve my photography skills as well as ruminate on “What is Education?”.   Every day.   How’s that for a New Year’s resolution?

Welcome and Greetings!

This past summer I had the pleasure of introducing Singapore Math to over 300 teachers, administrators and parents and continue to provide even more with ongoing practical advice and coaching. As a former classroom teacher, I know how challenging taking on a new curriculum can be. Teachers are asked to deliver a curriculum that is unknown, overwhelming, and with limited support. Many teachers worry about their own mathematical knowledge. After a general overview of the curriculum, I sit down with grade level teachers and work with them to plan the first eight weeks of math lessons so that they can begin the teaching the program with competence and confidence.

Whether you are new to Singapore Math or have used it for a decade, I am happy to craft a program that will engage teachers and provide new insights.


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