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TIMMS – Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study

The TIMMS Studies are conducted by the International Association for Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA) and are designed to measure trends in students’ mathematics and science achievement in four-year cycles. Singapore continues to top the world on this test in mathematics. 2007 scores will be released December, 2008.

AIR Report

The American Institutes for Research (AIR) is one of the largest behavioral and social science research organizations in the world. The study, funded by the U.S. Department of Education, identified major differences between the mathematics frameworks, textbooks, assessments, and teacher preparation in the U.S. and Singapore.

AIR Report:Counting on the Future: International Benchmarks in Mathematics for American School Districts

Students in six major U.S. cities are performing on par or better in mathematics than their peers in other countries in grades 4 and 8, according to a new study by AIR. However, students from five other major cities are not faring as well, and overall, U.S. student performance in mathematics falls off from elementary to middle school grades — and remains behind many industrialized nations, particularly Asian nations.

Solving Algebra and Other Story Problems with Simple Diagrams: a Method Demonstrated in Grade 4-6 Texts Used in Singapore

Singapore Ministry of Education

Press release explaining the TIMMS and why students in Singapore do so well.

Singapore MOE Primary Maths Syllabus

Full 2007 revised Singapore Syllabus.

Sample Singapore lesson progression:

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