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2007 TIMSS results – Released 12/9/2008

How Smart is your Country? – CBC News interactive tool

National Math Panel Report – March 13, 2008

Recent Articles

Education under scrutiny: Poor scores on basic skills test cited – June 6, 2009, The Deseret News

US educators to adopt Singapore’s method of teaching math May 6, 2009, Channel News Asia

Why Singapore is another model for teaching excellence – March 24, 2009 – The Christian Science Monitor

Math made fun: Singapore System comes to Utah school – March 11, 2009, The Deseret News

Singapore Math  heads to the Utah Senate – SB 159 was approved in committee and is headed for the Senate Floor.

Singapore Math bill gets the go-ahead – 2/6/2009, The Salt Lake Tribune

Parents look to improve math education on their own – 02/6/2009, The Frederick News Post

Singapore Math Makes a Difference – 12/9/2008, The Philadelphia Inquirer

Spartanburg Day School takes global approach to mathematics12/9/2008 Spartanburg

Wentzville School District parents are learning math the Singapore way – 12/3/2008, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Singapore Math in WentvzilleVideo: Teachers at Duello Elementary in Wentzville teach Singapore Math addition to first graders.- St. Louis Today

Chinese students pursuing U.S. education -11/16/2008, AP – MSNBC

St. Andrew’s Academy looks overseas for math inspiration 10/17/2008,  Kare11, Twin Cities

Bill proposes grants to schools that adopt Singapore Math – 10/16/2008, KCPW, Salt Lake City

Singapore Math gains support 10/16/2008, The Deseret News

Scarsdale Looks to Singapore for New Math – Lower Hudson Journal News

New Way Of Teaching Math Comes From Singapore – 9/21/2008, WCCO TV

Lawmakers seek Singapore’s help on how to best teach math– 6/13/2008, The Salt Lake Tribune

Singapore may offer better math for Utahns– 6/13/2008, The Deseret News

Focus on learning math, not on the WASL test– 4/15/2008, The Columbian editorial

Fox11News Report on Ramona School in Los Angeles– 4/7/2008

Elementary math lessons in Wentzville will change to Singapore method – 4/6/2008, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Panel Urges Schools to Emphasize Core Math Skills – 3/14/2008, The Washington Post

NPR – Singapore Math in LA Schools– 3/13/2008

At L.A. school, Singapore math has added value – 3/9/2008, The Los Angeles Times

Independent school licks math puzzle – 2/28/2008, The Columbia Tribune

Visual learning adds up on state tests -2/9/2008, The Press of Atlantic City

ITBS scores hold or improve in Hall schools – 1/6/2008, The Gainesville Times

Teaching Math, Singapore Style – 9/18/2006, The New York Times

Tricia Salerno and Benchmark School on 12News!

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