Singapore Math Summer Program

You are invited to join the 2009 Singapore Summer Math Program, scheduled from July 18 – 26, 2009, to observe mathematics classes and discuss with teachers the lessons observed as well as other issues in mathematics education. Singapore classroom instruction is in English, which is not the students’ primary language. Thus, in addition to learning about mathematics teaching and learning, we also can gain insight into how to teach mathematics to second language learners. Taking a similar trip myself in 2007 was eye-opening and transformed my mathematics understanding and practice. I am thrilled to be able to put together such a valuable program this summer.

Our itinerary will include 5 packed days of math in action:

  • Visit two of Singapore’s top primary schools and two secondary schools.
  • Discussion session with a professor from the National Institute of Education’s Math Education.
  • Working session with a gifted and talented teacher that will challenge your ideas about problem solving.
  • Conversation with members of the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board which has developed an international Primary School Leaving Exam (PSLE)
  • A visit to Republic Polytechnic, Singapore’s newest tertiary institution with a problem-based approach to education.
  • Dinner at one of Singapore’s most historic restaurants.
  • Free time and guides who are knowledgeable about Singapore and mathematics to help you find the best way to experience this unique country.

Find the full itinerary at SMathresources.

Printable itinerary for the Singapore Math Summer Program. (pdf)

Check out the blog from the 2007 Singapore Math Summer Program.

One response to “Singapore Math Summer Program

  1. Are you hosting a Singapore Summer Math Program in 2010?

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